Case Details

Secure identity and financial protection

Solution to simplify, consolidate and innovate on the preventative protection and monitoring of consumer personal and financial information.
What went into the design process?
The concept was intended to centralize this key aspects of protecting ones life online. With data breaches being almost of a daily occurrence, the need for personal information protection has become more prevalent now more than ever before. Monitoring ones information is not easy, however, as data is scattered across multiple sites with different companies managing it. Taking a simplistic approach without compromising functionality was a key goal of mine to capture everything necessary to protect oneself.
How did you design it?
The design was done by using Adobe UX and Adobe Photoshop. Adobe UX was used as the mobile wireframe and prototyping tool while Photoshop was used for image creation and mockup refinement.

Finally a secure solution

In lieu of the many recent, highly publicized cyber security incidents, consumers are calling into question any handling of their personal and secretive data. Unfortunately, in many instances, consumers are forced to provide that level of information in order to continue with a product or service only to have that information susceptible to mishandling. We need a solution that enables consumers to have the right to control their own data to avoid fears of trusting companies with that responsibility. This application is meant to be a step in that direction.

How it works

There are some major ways we can help improve the level of consumer trust regarding the security of their personal information. This concept helps move towards a world of organizational transparency while keeping you in the driver's seat.
  • Lock and unlock your credit files with all bureaus in one place
  • Consolidate and monitor your financial information with all institutions
  • Receive real-time updates regarding cyber incidents from companies directly versus leveraging a third-party monitoring service

Own your own data

With this concept, users can regulate and monitor the handling of their own personal and financial data. With real-time updates from differing sources that you trust with your information, you become more in control. Those same sources are updating you immediately to make you aware when there is an issue that needs your attention without the need of a third-party. Doing this may help create a more transparent system regarding cyber security statuses while helping promote more of a proactive approach to handling those events.

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