Case Details

Minimalist workout mobile application

Complementary mobile application to a smart exercise bike that allows users to track their workouts and monitor progress.
What went into the design process?
There has been a new wave of "at home" workout regiments that are tailored towards busy people on the go that always wish there was always another hour in a day. This concept is for a mobile app that complements a smart, stationary bicycle. Key functions of the app are tracking workouts, participating in live or recorded training session and also provide recommended training based on past performance.
How did you design it?
The design was done by using Adobe XD and Adobe Photoshop. Adobe XD was used as the mobile wireframe and prototyping tool while Photoshop was used for image creation and mockup refinement.

Edgy interface complemented with a simplistic experience

Technology doesn't necessarily make exercise fun (it isn't always fun anyways), but it can certainly help motivate. This app concept is meant to provide easy to view statistics that the user can track yet not overwhelm. It was a priority to draw attention and awe without distracting.

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