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Simplistic app to search and and book restaurant reservations

Mobile app concept that enables intuitive restaurant searching, reservations, menu viewing and more. Minimalist interface that removes clutter and helps make the user experience straight-forward.
What went into the design process?
First step was to identify the problem: create an upscale mobile solution for restaurant reservations. Afterwards, what would the ideal user experience be? What functionality should be present to the user? What are the user "profiles"? The end result was a simple, on-the-go app for young business men and women to search for restaurants, check out reviews, browse menus and reserve a table for that special night out.
How did you design it?
The design was done by using Adobe UX and Adobe Photoshop. Adobe UX was used as the mobile wireframe and prototyping tool while Photoshop was used for image creation and mockup refinement. A white background was a clean way to draw the users attention towards functionality. Using rounded corners and image transparency was an easy way to create a modern look. The simple 'Book --> Menu --> Details' bar was created to simply guide the user through an intuitive reservation process.

Search for restaurants

Searching is a key aspect to the application's function so it was important to consider a few elements.
  • Intuitive to search
  • Gives perception of cleanliness
  • Simple 'search, tap and book' process

Reserve your night out

The user interface lets the user book with just a few steps. Search. Find. Book. Couldn't be simpler.
  • Quickly reserve a date and time
  • Easily search the menu ahead of your arrival
  • Check out reviews from past customers
  • Get directions and view restaurant hours

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