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College search and matching platform

Mobile application to help prospective college students search, match and find the right school for them. Fun and modern design with interactive capabilities to retain high levels of engagement.
What went into the design process?
With millions of college aspiring individual searching and applying to school every year, the goal was to create an interactive solution to make that process easier for applicants. Googling for certain pieces of information about schools might be easier for some than others and might even depend from university to university. Larger, more well-known schools might have that information one click away while smaller, lesser well-known schools might not. Centralizing that information but keeping user attentiveness using short "stories" about different schools helps make once a painful process a bit more fun.
How did you design it?
The design was done by using Adobe UX and Adobe Photoshop. Adobe UX was used as the mobile wireframe and prototyping tool while Photoshop was used for image creation and mockup refinement.

Interactive stories

A major challenge for many today is wondering what the different school environments might be like. Sure, you can travel to take a visit, but for some, that isn't economical or realistic. Visualizing that though interactive mediums is an excellent way to keep attentiveness and make sure users want to come check back for more!

Proprietary matching algorithm

Another feature is providing school suggestions based on user feedback. This allows the user to then continue on to other recommended options that they can then pursue within the app. Suggestions can be based upon:
  • Academic interests
  • Personal interests such as location, weather, etc.
  • Career interests

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